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Information technology and computer education begins at the key stage for all the students, i.e. from the fourth standard onwards and continues for the entire duration of their stay in school. As a result, they all leave school having achieved a satisfactory standard of computer literacy. Computer Science is offered as a subject in ICSE(X) and ISC(XIl). The school has the privilege of having one of the best computer centers amongst all the public schools of the country where students can pursue their own work under the expert guidance of the computer teachers. At present, there are 86 computers for both academic and administrative purposes. In the  senior school, there are 31 multi-medias networked through Virtual LAN Drive (VLD) with Remote Boot Technology (RBT), which is excellent in terms of reliability, speed, cost efficiency and powerful network in system. Now the school can boast  1:1 ratio of the students with the computers. A whole class of 30 students has access to Internet at the same time and also surfs through different edit informative websites. The students are enjoying the facility of uploading and downloading e-mail, The school has an internet site addressed school is committed to encouraging the students to use such technology as a normal way of learning. Besides, there is also a complete networking system among the various departments for a more efficient conduct of administrative work.

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